BLACK SWAN is Fuzz-Distortion pedal.
The Sound never be forgotten captivate you.

There is the meeting unforgettable.
One of the meeting with a pedal also.
Black Swan was coming from our wishing
“We want to make the sound which affect your life”.

The challenge to make the best sounds

When we talk about FUZZ, the first our minds face to transistor.
Surely the germanium-transistor with high scarcity value exists,
and they had supported the vintage famous pedals and now they are traded by high costs.

However we would like you to think about that
if the old musicians selected the pedals and played that is because of the good materials.
No, they must leave the great performances how they were fascinated by the sound itself.
And we succeeded to make the higher quality sounds without those kinds of materials.
Our challenges made the sensitive and exciting drive which nobody had experiences before.

The beautiful Design which you’d never seen before

We completed this with our professional designer and the greatest materials.
We believe our original unique form must be conspicuous on your all stages.

From the Sensitive sounds to the Extreme sounds

You can make the many different kinds of sounds with the only three knobs.
You need not the difficult settings.
You may make the strong sounds, the harmonic sounds, the sensitive sounds, and the
extreme sounds even they are FUZZ sounds or mid scooped drive sounds.
Also when you turn down the volume you may find the clean sounds and the fantastic forceful fat sounds. And It has good response from the changing guitar volume like
Black Swan has the unlimited possibilities.

Black Swan.
This is the new drive sounds which you had never listened it.
We would like you to feel this with your every sense.


Dealers wanted.
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Please contact us.